"Thunders Sable Sunset" was born May 8 , 2003. She was part of the first DR Farms litter and is the sister of the famous dogs that were in the remake of "Lassie Come Home" released in the fall of 2006. She has all of the traditional collie characteristics. She will produce all of the characteristics that are so desired in the Collie breed. She has a beautiful full coat and collie mask. 

Sable will have puppies that will carry traditional collie characteristics:
  • Four white paws
  • Full white collar
  • White blaze on her nose
  • Sable & white color

Based upon Sable's 3 generation pedigree, her litters will have only Sable & White colors attributed to her. 

"DR Thunder" was the Sire of the litter and "Dr Windy" was the female for the litter. We look forward in the puppies which will be the first litter from this bloodline. 
Sable as a
July 4, 2003
Retired Collies
Wins the 2009
DR Farms Breeder
Award for
Best Overall Litter
Designed & supported by DR Farms
Dakota in Ireland

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