"Rocky" is DR Farms traditional Collie male sire. 

He was our sire through 2013. He was born on December 3, 2006. Based upon his physical characteristics and after reviewing his pedigree we anticipate that his litters will demonstrate a combination of the traditional collie characteristics and depending on female he may also have white collies.

Traditional Collie Characteristics:
  • Four white paws
  • Full white collar
  • Some with the White blaze up the nose
  • Sable & white color

White Collie Characteristics:
  • Sable or blue merle head with white blaze
  • Some will have a sable or blue merle mark in the body 

"Rocky" has big shoes to fill but I am confident that he will exceed our expectations. An exciting aspect of "Rocky" is that he has normal-eyes based upon the ophthalmologist examination as well as a Optigen DNA test classified Rocky is a normal-eyed carrier. What that means is that all of his puppies will have normal-eyed classification and will have no issues with their eyes especially when he breeds with "Pebbles" which is a normal-eyed dominated dog. This is an exciting classification and could only be better if he had a normal-eyed dominate classification.

This test eliminates DR Farms necessity to have the puppies visit a ophthalmologist. The result is that all of the puppies will be either normal-eyed carrier or normal-eyed dominate only for the CEA gene.
DR Rocky

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