"Cheyenne" was born May 22, 2004 and has 5 champions in 3 generations and has 3 of the characteristics of a traditional collie. "Cheyenne" has an additional 9 champions in her 4th generation. Although "Cheyenne" does not have the white blaze on her nose, we chose her for the many other characteristics that are so desirable in the collie breed.

"Cheyenne" will have puppies demonstrating traditional collie characteristics:
  • Four white paws
  • Full white collar
  • White blaze on the nose
  • Sable & white color

Based upon the Cheyenne's 4 generation pedigree, she will have a percentage of Sable & White, Tri, and Blue Merle colors in her litters. 

As with all breeding the outcomes will be dependent upon a number of factors. A major factor is the Sire and his DNA interaction with the dam and their compliment of respective recessive and dominate genes.

Cheyenne has been retired due to the difficulties with her last litter. She is no longer part of DR Farms and we hope that her retirement will be enjoyable.
Wins the 2005
DR Farms Breeder Award for
Best Ears
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