DR Farms May 8, 2003 Litter

DR Windy's litter on May 8, 2003 was the litter that produced Collies who have since stared in a movie that was released in the United States on September 5, 2006. They also perform daily at Universal Studios in Florida and California. You can view them as adults on the "Thunder's Collies" page.

Windy was retired as one of our dams because she displayed the white factor which did not provide us with the consistency we were looking for in our breeding program. Although white collies are very unique and attractive collies in their own right, we do not wish to breed the white factor.  We are very indebted to Windy as she launched DR Farms on our current journey. She now has a wonderful home with two little girls who adore her.

The journey that began with this litter has been quite incredible and yet we look forward to even more incredible developments as several more of our Collies from the 2005 litter were purchased by Birds & Animals Unlimited in Los Angeles, California.

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