DR Farms an AKC & CKC Collie Breeder

DR Farms a Texas Collie breeder and holistic pet food store that is dedicated to raising AKC & CKC registered Collies and ship them around the United States and the world to their new owners. We are proud to be a quality Texas AKC & CKC Collie Breeder of the traditional Collie everyone remembers growing up with. As you will learn, we are the breeder of some very famous collies. Go to "Famous Collies" for all of the exciting news.

DR Farms started our breeding business on a farm in 2001 we have since moved to the city and now live in Plano, TX. This does not diminish my excitement for the Collie breed nor does it lesson my focus on having quality collies and puppies. In fact Becky and I are breeding two of the best collies DR Farms have ever had with DR Bella and DR Prince. So enjoy learning about us and contact us with any questions you may have. "The Collie Connection" page on Facebook is a great way to keep up to date on the news of our Collies.

The History Origins, Characteristics and Coat of a Rough Collie

Origins. This breed originated, like the other three Collie breeds, Smooth, Border and Bearded, in the dark-colored herding dogs of Scotland. from which the name is derived. 'Col' is Anglo-Saxon for black. For centuries they carried out their arduous work herding sheep on the northern hills, with only local recognition. In 1860, however, Queen Victoria visited Balmoral for the first time, saw the breed, fell in love with it and so assured its future popularity.

Characteristics. This is a strong and active dog, free from coarseness. The head is tapering, the expression alert, intelligent and inquisitive.  It makes an excellent loyal pet, responding well to training.

Group. Herding. Working (KC) Size. Large 

Coat. Color: Sable and white, tricolor, and blue merle, each with white markings. Texture: Very dense, the outer coat straight and harsh, the undercoat soft, furry and very close. Mane and frill very abundant, legs well feathered.

The Collie Photos on these pages are the property of DR Farms a subsidiary of "The Collie Connection" and owned by D. Rhodes. As the breeder of each Collie DR Farms reserves the right to use their pictures taken by us or provided to us as representation of the quality and the Collies we breed. 
Any requests for reprints or other usage must be made by contacting DR Farms at:
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Unauthorized use will be handled by our legal department.
Dakota and Carter puppies from DR Farms 2003 litter are stars in the remake of "Lassie Come Home" released in the US in 2005.
Owners are High end clients, wealthy dog owners, celebrities, sports celebrities. We deliver puppies across the lower 48. 
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If you remember the joy of curling up with your dog when you were younger, or you are looking to replace the family pet.
DR Farms would be honored to help you with that decision.
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Dakota in Ireland

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Keeping your Collie safe during summer months
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